New Kits Errata

30 Jan 1995 16:14:16 GMT

30 Jan 95
To Erik and others,

My notice of new 1/72 scale German WW I aircraft kits failed to
mention the medium of each - Sorry!

The "Pegasus" kits are each Limited run/injection molded w/white metal.

The "Aeroclub" kits are the same (yes!, they ARE NOT VACS!).

The "Eduard" kit is the same too, but with photo etched parts (I

The "Skybirds '86" kit(s) are as per the Eduard kit. (Does ANYONE know
where to get these kits in the U.S.?)

Also, I forgot to mention that "Plum Blossom Designs" has announced in
this same issue of Windsock a "Fredrichshafen" as their next 1/72
resin kit. No indication of type though...maybe an FF49C?, (I hope).

Steve Hustad