Re: Forw: Early Albatros Wing Colors

Brian Bushe (
27 Jan 1995 16:55:56 +0000

> My suspicion is that there was variability in the shades of reddish
>brown or chestnut brown used on these early war aircraft because there
>was no single source of the paints used. Germany's fighting of that war
>produced considerable hardships to everyone in the country and resources
>were stretched to their limits. I have to think that even though there
>was an effort made for consistency in aircraft colors, the end result was
>that local availability determined the colors used on the aircraft that
>left the factory on a particular day.
>Charles Hart

This is still the major problem - I was reading an article on Marine
Cobras which quoted a groundcrew saying they got the 'tan' paint from
the local Do-it-yourself store! What chance do we have of getting that
one right?

There are refs to Eindeckers in mauve/green but I haven't actually
seen them. Could these actually be brown/green.

BTW mention of the Eduard D.VIII 1/72 reminds me to finally respond to
Eriks question - yes the Voison is 1/72 nd