HART CHARLES (hartc@spot.Colorado.EDU)
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 19:54:02 -0700 (MST)


To my knowledge Meikraft has never released a Fokker D-VIII, I know
that Pegasus never has. About 6 years ago Merlin produced an injection
molded kit of this aircraft. The wing was OK the fuselage quite thick
and needing a lot of reshaping. There is currently an injection molded
kit from Beechnut models. I have not seen this kit, however their
earlier offerings of 1930's era A/C were a little soft on details,
apparently produced by low pressure injection molding with brittle white

The only other injection molded 1/72 scale Fokker D-VIII I
recall was about 9 years ago an English fellow produced one in white
metal. It was quite nice, the wing having the corrrect shape with good
detail parts such as wheels and prop.

If you find out any other kits of this A/C please post the info
here. It would be nice if Eduard would to this A/C on the heels of their
nice Baby and Sopwith Schnieder with etched brass.

Charles Hart