Samson's Aeroplane Party

Allan Wright (
Wed, 25 Jan 95 09:10:57 -0500

Hi WWI buffs,

I'm looking for information on rhe first British Naval squadron that
romped through the streets of Douai in August/September of1914
in cars armored with boiler plade fron the Dunkirk Shipyards. I'm
interested in detailed descriptions of their exploits, the airplanes and
cars used, and other things.
I have a small amount of information on Samson's Aeroplane Party
from "Heroes & Aeroplanes of the Great War 1914-1918" by
Joseph Phelan. But I'm looking for a book with considerably more
detail. I'm thinking of doing a diorama of "The Party" or even a
skirmish wargame using 20mm Figures and 1/72 scale models.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Allan Wright