lozenge revisited

Brian Bushe (brian@harrier.com)
24 Jan 1995 16:45:36 +0000

a recent ad from Pegasus in a 'new' british mag Scale Aviation
Modeller states that a 1992 a German company produced lozenge fabric
based on the original production methods. This fabric was so accurate
it even had the same number of threads in section or something like
that. Frankly my dears I don't give a damn how many threads there are
as long as it is the right colour!

Why is pegasus telling us this? They have based their new 1/72 lozenge
decals on this new fabric. I know this is available now as I have just
seen it 'quicklooked' in Military Model Preveiw. Mention you saw it in
MMP and you get postage free.

Unfortunately I haven't seen the actual decals to compare with
superscale or whoever.