AEG G IV information

HART CHARLES (hartc@spot.Colorado.EDU)
Tue, 24 Jan 1995 08:59:57 -0700 (MST)

Several photos and 1?72 scale plans of the AEG G-IV were published
in volume 4 of Windsock several years ago. The drawings are quite good
and I recall some interior details being present. The set of materials
from World War One Aero are pretty likely to be copies from FLIGHT
magazine, an English publication from the early part of this century.
The details are of an AEG G type captured during the war and would
include perspective drawings of various fittings to the aircraft
including cockpit fittings.

There are a couple of kits of the AEG, one is a vac form by
Classic-Plane of Germany. Another recent release is an injection molded
kit from Merlin Models of England. Unfortunately, these are difficult to
get a hold of. I used to live in Columbus, Ohio and found a few of these
kits at Streete Hobbies. They also do mail order advertising in Fine
Scale Modeler as Import Specialties.

There are also a number of decals available for this aircraft
available from Americal/Gryphon Decals, 4373 Varsity Lane, Houston TX
77004. These decals are only available from them via mail order.

Good luck with your modeling.

Charles Hart