Re: AEG G IV information

Erik Pilawskii (
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 16:03:06 -0800 (PST)

> I am scratchbuilding a 1/72nd AEG G IV and have come to a standstill
> because of lack of reference material. Specifically, I need information on
> the cockpit of the G IV. The reference sources I have ( Lamberton's "Recce
> & Bomber A/C...", Janes (1919), and Gray/Thetford's "German A/C of the 1st
> WW" are good for exterior details, but are no help for the interior. Does
> anyone know of a source ( sources) that would help me? Anyone familiar
> etc.


Just a thought, but you might consider contacting the Canadian National
Aviation Museum, Ottowa. I can dig-up their number and a 'contact' if you
want. They *have* an original AEG.IV in night lozenge. I'd be willing to
bet that they could supply you with plans, drawings, photos, or whatever.
I found them them to be enormously helpful and friendly.

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