Re: FWD: Re: Rib Stiching

Douglas R. Jones (
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 12:40:55 -0600

True. This seem like a fine arrangement.

>>Which issue? I would love to see a copy of this.
>Scale R/C modeller December 1992 "Taking Fabric Covering a Step Further" by
>Ross Woodcock.
Thanks. I will try and dig a copy up!

>Only problem I would forsee with this method is the time it would take to
>assemble these ends at the field. I figure if assemble takes longer then 30
>Min. it becomes a real chore.

You have a good point. It is a problem with any aircraft of this era with
the exception of some of the German aircraft. It takes a bit to get my Pup
put together. Hence, I only take it down a couple of times a season. I am
lucky though as the Pup fits in the van in one piece which does make things
easier! It is something I try and take into consideration whenever I start
a project. I certainly don't want to lose a big chunk of my trip to the
field assembling/disassembling a plane or planes. My kitchen passes aren't
that long anyway!

One thing I used on the Pup and will again on the N17 are the swivel barrels
used with fishing leader. They come in a number of sizes. I tend to use them
under the top wing where they are not quite as visible as the angle the plane
is being viewed at hides them. This makes rigging a snap as the cable doesn't
try and untwist while the jam nut is being tightened. They actually don't look
bad either. As I get there with the 17 I will start another round of
I'll be happy to keep you abreast of anything I come up with, if you are

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