Re: FWD: Re: Rib Stiching

Guy Fawcett (
Mon, 23 Jan 1995 07:25:25 -0600 (MDT)

I normally use a rigging coupler a Kwik clip and a loop on the other side but
seen it is not seen you could use anything you want.

>Which issue? I would love to see a copy of this.

Scale R/C modeller December 1992 "Taking Fabric Covering a Step Further" by
Ross Woodcock.

>I am trying to see in my mind what this cover would look like. My first
impression was that some shrink tubing might work Something else I have thought
about is brass rod that is drilled and tapped to accept a coupler. On the other
end a slot could be cut with a dremel cutting wheel. A smale hole is drilled
through and you have something of a forkend. Cut the coupler off about halfway
and the size is about right.
For a pin it might be possible to use a 0-80 bolt.

Only problem I would forsee with this method is the time it would take to
assemble these ends at the field. I figure if assemble takes longer then 30
Min. it becomes a real chore.