German purple/mauve/lilac

07 Feb 1995 16:02:16 GMT

To Jeff & others,

I use (as a basis) either the old Humbrol WW II "Japanese Mauve", or
the old Pactra International line of paints "Japanese Mauve". Both are
excellent starting points. I add a bit of dark grey (maybe 5-10%) and
away you go. I think the range of extant samples of
mauves/lilacs/purples was such that as long as you stay away from the
more garish red/purples (like that depicted on "Glencoe Models" 1/48
Albatros D.III box art!) you will be within generally accepted and
documented ranges - as loose as that is.

Polly S' lilac is a lighter shade as I recall, which I personally
regard as more accurate than the darker shades available elsewhere.
Avoid that sold as "German Purple" - invariably too dark, and too red.
Darker purples/reds seem to have been used more on two seaters than
fighters, like Rumplers, etc.

Since I wasn't "on line" during the German Light blue/Turquoise
discussion I'll put in my two cents worth on that topic: Fokker tended
more toward the Turquoise shades (D.V, Dr.I, early D.VII fuselage
undersides), while Albatros and others toward more of a "RLM 65"
spectrum of colors. Junkers toward a more "Whiteish blue". Try a
British "Sky type S" paint as a basis for the Turquoise greenish/blue
fokker colors. I'd stay away from those paints sold as "German Blue" -
always WAY too dark.

These are some guidelines I use,and are only my own opinion because as
we all know - being dogmatic about German (especially!) WW I colors is
a losing battle based upon quicksand. I think that there is acceptable
leeway within WIDE RANGES of DOCUMENTED colors, though, outside of
which the modeller should be prepared to defend their choices.....

Steve Hustad