Re: Fokker D-VI

HART CHARLES (hartc@spot.Colorado.EDU)
Wed, 8 Feb 1995 12:12:42 -0700 (MST)


Were you aware that there is a new resin kit of the Fokker D-VI
available in 1/72?? It is a vailable from Ragwings for about $20.00.
Unfortunately, I haven't yet seen one of these, but hope to acquire one
in the nesar future. As far as colors are concerned, there is some
material available but it is scattered, this a/c hasn't received the type
of coverage of its more famous stable mates. References are not in front
of me but I seem torecall that these a/c have painted finsihes, i.e. blue
undersurfaces (oh no !!) with green painted upper surfaces (need to check
this more exactly, check here tomorrow). I don't recall these ships
covered with lozenge fabric.

Assignment of Fokker D-VIs to front line units usually preceeded the
arrival of Fokker Dr-Is. The main function of the D-VI was to give the
pilots practice using rotary engines versus the Mercedes in the Albatros
types. I seem to recall that use of the D-VI in combat was limited, if
it was used at all.

Has someone else out there bought the Ragwings kit ? Would love to
hear about the D-VI or their other two kits, the Bristol Scout D or the
Pfalz E-I.

Charles Hart