Re: Pictures in FSM

08 Feb 1995 16:32:16 GMT


Thanks for the nice comments! I do have many other photos I've taken
over the last 5 1/2 years or so including all 32 models in my collection.
I keep a photo album with 6 photos of each model in it. I don't have the
capability to scan them, so I'd have to send you prints. All are German,
or Austro-Hungarian 1/72 scale, and include the following:

8 Fokker Dr.I (Revell)
4 Fokker D.VII (Revell)
2 Albatros (Oef) D.III (ESCI W/Blue rider conversion kits)
1 Albatros D.III (Revell)
1 Albatros D.Va (Airfix)
1 SSW D.III (Czechmasters - modified)
1 SSW D.IV (Pegasus conversion)
1 Hansa Brandenberg W.20,ver.II (Merlin)
1 Hansa Brandenberg W.29 (Meikraft)
1 Hansa Brandenberg W.12 III (Merlin)
1 Junkers J.I (Merlin)
1 AEG C.IV (Joystick)
1 Halberstadt Cl.II (Formaplane)
1 LVG C.VI (Classicplane)
1 Albatros J.I (Joystick)
1 Albatros J.II (Scratchbuilt)
1 Knoller C.II (Scratchbuilt)
1 Rumpler C.IV (Joystick)
1 Lloyd C.II (Joystick)
1 Lloyd C.V (Plum Blossum Designs)
1 Aviatik B.II (Joystick)

It may take me a while to gather together all my prints, separate them
and mail them to you, so please bear with me - it may be a month or so.
Also, It would probably be best to only use those shots NOT used in
FSM to avoid any question of infringement.

Steve Hustad

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Subject: Pictures in FSM
Author: _aew (SMTP.AEW1) at SSWGATE
Date: 2/8/95 3:30 PM


I loved your pictures in FSM. If you have others that were not published
and would like to share them with the net I could put the on-line on the
WWI Modeling Mosaic Page. If you cannot scan them in I would be glad to
scan them for you and return the prints.
I would digitize the pictures from FSM but I'm sure that they
would not appreciate the copyright infringement.