Re: Fokker D.VI

08 Feb 1995 16:32:16 GMT

Allan and others,

Albatros Publications:"WW I Warplanes, Volume 1(or 2?)" has a section
on the D.VI which is the best I've found to date. As mentioned on the
net here, all other info is "scattered". Back issues of "World War I
Aero" has numerous articles dealing with the D.VI - mostly on
structure and such. These back issues (some xerox reprints) are still
available from Leo Opkdyke(SP?), editor of WW I Aero.

All D.VI's I'm aware of were covered in pre-printed lozenge on the
fabric areas - probably 4 color, as Fokker seemed to be the major user
of 4 color, but can't rule out the use of the 5 color lozenge fabric.
Metal panel areas were factory dark olive like the Fokker Dr.I
(cowling, upper forward fuselage, struts, etc.) Struts have been
documented in the dark olive color or sometimes the "Fokker Turquoise"
used on Dr.I undersides. Wheel covers and undercarriage fairing was
typically dark olive, or covered in the lozenge fabric (wheels
especially). Rudder usually in white.

Markings were usually in black & white, not many flamboyant schemes on
this type that I can find! All examples show Balkenkreuz.

1/72 Scale kits I know of include:

"Ragwings": Very nice, accurate to windsock (Ian Stair) drawings,
well detailed. In cream colored resin with nice cast white metal
parts. Better than this companies Pfalz E.I (which isn't bad).
This kit is available from M&Models (See FSM ad).
"Aeroclub": New issue. I haven't seen it but it is reported to be
all injection molded (no vac.), with white metal, and accurate.
"Classicplane": Vacform, no metal parts. Actually this is a nice kit,
way above average for a vacform, and above average for
Classicplane. Nice wing sections & fuselage outline. Replace
cowling, prop., etc.

I don't know of any Aces who flew this plane, but I'm sure that most
did who (as mentioned here earlier) converted to the Fokker Dr.I by
learning rotary engine driven aircraft on this or the Fokker D.V -
both types were delivered to front line Jastas for the express purpose
of converting to the Dr.I. The aces time flying this plane would have
been short. Some D.VI's undoubtedly saw action, but no records exist
to prove it that I know of.

Hope this helps!

Steve Hustad