Re: Fokker D-VI & Reinhold Platz
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 08:02:48 -0500


I've noticed your post, and several postings awhile back, about the Fokker
D-VI. I've got a picture or two, a caption or two, but I don't have a lot of
reference info on the D-VI. I thought it was a very limited run machine, (a
few prototypes) that did not see active (front line) service.
Got any handy details? Prototype dates? How many made, extent of
distribution, was it flown with armament, did it get the colorful paint jobs,
etc.? It's a nice looking machine, but I'd not focused on it much.

A related (though obtuse) question regards Fokker's designer: Reinhold
Platz. I understand that he desgined the Dr. I, D-V, and later units. Does
anyone have any background bio. on this Platz fellow? I read that he was #2
designer until mid 1916, when #1 designer (name escapes me) was killed in a
test flight.


-- Micheal S.