Re: Model Photos

09 Feb 1995 11:57:11 GMT

Al, Thanks again for the nice comments! Within the next month +/-, I
will get together the prints for you to scan - but I will need your
mailing address.

A book on WW I models with alot of color photos is a good idea, sort
of like what Bill Horan has done for figure modelers (or as Bill says
"miniaturists"). An interested publisher would be needed....

As to why I have'nt done an Albatros D.I, or D.II yet - it's on my
(much too long) list to do! "Classicplane" makes a very nice 1/72
vacform kit of this that I have waiting (along with 408 others!), also
"Meikraft" had a 1/72 kit which is garbage, I have two of these.
Otherwise we're left with scratchbuilding, or major converting in 1/72.
I'd love to see your D.I, it sounds nice, theres not much I like more
than gazing at other peoples WW I models!

Re: Aviation Usk; Be prepared to wait! Sometimes he takes only a
month, other times I've waited nearly a whole year. In the end he'll
come through though and I guess thats whats important. You may try to
locate the "Pegasus" kit (released summer of '91) which is a nice
injection molded copy of the Czechmasters resin kit. Upper wing needs
replacement with one of wider chord. Minor reshaping needed on the
wing tips and tailplane (easy). Scratchbuild cockpit (almost goes
without saying for any 1/72 scale WW I kit!), Replace engine if using
the Pegasus kit with the nice one available from "Aeroclub" in white
metal. I also seem to remember that the undercarriage needs to be
moved a bit forward, or backward. Compare with Windsock Datafile
plans. (I built mine in '92).

Steve H.