Testors Enamal Gloss = EVIL!

Allan Wright (AEW@unh.edu)
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 14:05:11 -0500 (EST)

Hello all,

I just wanted to recount a bad experience I had last night with
Testors Model Master Gloss Enamel Spray. I used this to coat my scratch
built D-VI wings 2 days ago. I used it because it builds up thicker than
Glosscote (which I use in almost all other gloss applications). I needed
a thick build up to simulate the fabric over the ribs that I had laid
down on the wings.
Usually I end up this process with a final coat of Laquer Glosscote
as it leaves a nicer finish when sanded and finally finish with a dullcote
coat which will take paint well. This time I was out of Glosscote and
skipped that step. That was my fatal mistake.
When I finally painted the wing, which I always do before applying
lozenge decals to get a good match, the Floquil paint ate the gloss
enamel and caused it to turn into a gellatenous mess. I guess the
teuline carrier in the floquil disolved the enamel which had only
dried over night. Wow was I bummed! I stripped the paint, enamel and
false ribs and started over again from scratch - three evenings of
work ruined from the lack of a can of Glosscote! I'll be able to get
it back to right with another evening or two.
I just wanted to warn everyone that the Model Master Enamel Clear
spray seems to be very intolerant of oil based paints, at least Floquil.

Hope this saves you some pain,
Allan Wright