Re: Testors Enamal Gloss = EVIL!

Erik Pilawskii (
Thu, 9 Feb 1995 12:04:04 -0800 (PST)


Uuugghhh... Sorry to hear about 'yer disaster.
> When I use Testor's enamels as a base color coat I always
> let them cure for AT LEAST three days before I apply any
> lacquer clear cotes. A week is better. This allows time for
> the chemical reaction that produces the hard enamel finish
> to occur.

I couldn't agree more!! In general, I find Testor's clear-coats
acceptable, but one must take great care to allow them to cure properly.
For a thick coat this could easily run to 3-4 days! One problem I always
have when failing to do so involves the use of CA. To use it on an
insufficiently cured area of Testor's results in the clear-coat being
'pulled' up into a little, extremely hard, ball!!! Its a real s.o.b. to
remove, as well. Many's the time I've lost a nicley executed strut,
rigging, or other item (such as the underlying paint scheme!) to this
nasty little quirk.
Anyways, typical Testor's-- Forwarned is Forearmed!
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