Re: Reinhold Platz

09 Feb 1995 16:36:16 GMT

About Reinhold Platz....

I guess I thought this hoary old chestnut had finally been discredited
long ago, but I guess not!

Author Weyl had a large ax to grind, as he disliked Anthony Fokker
intensely, he villianized him in his book - taking every oportunity to
discredit Fokker, while raising Platz to the level of aircraft
designer responsible for the Fokker Dr.I through D.VII - which was
simply not true!

Alex Imrie explains the situation much more eloquently than I can as
he addressed this topic at length (once again!) in the latest issue of
Windsock Intl.magazine (Vol. 11/No.1).

Mr. Platz was a competent welder, and later factory supervisor for
construction/production with a flare for organization, but in no way
was he responsible for these designs Weyl attributes to him in his
book. Every time this book is re-published this comes up again, and
needs to be refuted again. Read Alex Imries editorial....

Steve H.