Re: Fokker D VI & D-V

Allan Wright (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 10:00:36 -0500 (EST)

> > I have read the D-V was well-liked by pilots, but it didn't make the grade
> > as a combat machine. Any sources describe why? Too stable? Underpowered?
> >
> Well, the way I understand it, the D.V was actually rather competent.
> The 'problem' was comparative: against the Camel, its rate-of-climb was
> probably adequate, but it would be at marked disadvantage in
> maneuverability-- both in roll-rate and turning circle [albeit, the
> Albatross didn't fall into a vicious spin if the pilot sneezed incorrectly!];
> against the SE5, its climb would probably lag somewhat behind and it was
> very much slower, though its maneuverability was about equal; against the
> various Nieuports I understand it was quite formidable, all of them
> having the advantage in maneuver, but inferior otherwise; the SPAD XIII
> would present similar problems as the SE5, including the fact that it was
> next to indestructible (which the D.V was far from); and, so on.
> BTW, you might solicit an opinion from Alan on the matter-- he's a WWI
> air-gamer.
> Erik
O.K. Eric you asked for it! I'll be referring to the Fokker when I say D-V
by the way - I'm not sure your above message doesn't refer to the Albatros
when you say DV/DVa. It can be confusing - I try to use the plane name when
the class number could conflict. There is a Fokker D-V and Albatros. There
is a Roland D-VI and a Fokker, etc.... (Not to mention a TON of CL-I, CL-II
and CL-IIIs from a myriad of German manufacturers).

All of my data for wargaming is drawn from the most accurate sources I can
get. Since handling is always subjective that has to be extrapolated from
varrious accounts, fighter trials, and combat success records. As for the
Fokker DV and DVI:

Aircraft Engine Speed at G.L. Rate of Climb Ceiling
D-V 100hp Oberursel 107 mph 8.6 ft/sec 13,000 ft
D-VI 110hp Le Rhone 125 mph 18.1 ft/sec 19,500 ft

Comparison A/C
Fokker D-VII 185hp B.M.W. 124 mph 19.7 ft/sec 22,900 ft
Spad XIII 200hp H.Suiza 147.5 mph 19.3 ft/sec 22,300 ft
Sopwith Camel 150hp B.R.1 N/A 121@10Kft 20.6 ft/sec 22.000 ft
S.E.5a 200hp W.Viper 137.8 mph 15.2 ft/sec 22,000 ft

I agree with Eric's assesment of the relative maneuverability. The Fokker
D-V scored inferior to the D-VII in the Jan 1918 fighter trials but was
considered superior to the Albatros DVa.

I hope all this number crunching isn't boring anyone to sleep!