Williams' Bros. Guns for sale

Allan Wright (AEW@unh.edu)
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 13:15:32 -0500 (EST)

Hi guys (I guess we are still a list comprised completely of men),

I have 4 William's Bros kits for sale.
1 each of Lewis, Parabellum, Vickers and Spandau guns with additional
ammo belst where applicable. The boxes rate these as 2" scale (1/6 ?)
and they make models about 6-8 inches long. Injection molded plastic.

I'd be willing to trade these for 1/72 scale A/C or sell them outright.
Say $10 for the lot.

I thought someone might be interested.


P.S. Is Jessee still running the wants and disposals list?