Re: Fokker D VI & D-V

Erik Pilawskii (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 12:21:59 -0800 (PST)

> O.K. Eric you asked for it! I'll be referring to the Fokker when I say D-V
> by the way - I'm not sure your above message doesn't refer to the Albatros
> when you say DV/DVa. It can be confusing - I try to use the plane name when
> the class number could conflict. There is a Fokker D-V and Albatros. There
> is a Roland D-VI and a Fokker, etc.... (Not to mention a TON of CL-I, CL-II
> and CL-IIIs from a myriad of German manufacturers).

*Ha Ha*! And I deserved it!... ;^) As usual, I came in on the middle
of this one, and thought the discussion was in relation to the ALBATROSS
D.V/Va (as the discussion was devolving around rotary conversion). As for
the Fokker D.V, I think I'm the last person I'd ever go to for
information on the matter! I *thought* I had made that known (though,
obviously, not clear...), but apparently not. My fault. Sorry.

> All of my data for wargaming is drawn from the most accurate sources I can
> get.

I think that would probably go without saying. I'm wondering, could you
post the Albatross' numbers compared to the SE5/SPADXIII/Camel? I'd like
to see how my impressions fit the bill, as it were. I also assume this
merits me the Red Face award once again (sigh....); I hope this does not
operate like the Schneider Cup-- I'll get it for good in no time flat!!

Repeat apologies. i shall endevor in future to be far more precise.

Erik >:^/
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