Bill Armintrout (
Fri, 10 Feb 1995 20:19:16 +1000

In article Allan Wright <> writes:
>From: Allan Wright <>
>Date: Fri, 10 Feb 95 16:00:16 -500
>To: barmintr
>Subject: GDW


> You have GDW listed in the manufacturer's page
>as a producer of Sci-Fi and fantasy games.
>They also have done a few (but very popular)
>historical games: Command Decision, Blue Max,
>and (I think) Johnny Reb.


One of us is dreaming. ;-)

The page I just looked at said they were a manufacturer of miniatures rules;
I've just updated this to include mention of their non-mini products. (I've
updated the page locally, but haven't uploaded it yet -- my uploader is busy
downloading at the moment...)

- Bill