Re: Williams' Bros. Guns for sale

Jon Rettinger (
Sun, 12 Feb 1995 21:03:21 -0400

>I have 4 William's Bros kits for sale.
>1 each of Lewis, Parabellum, Vickers and Spandau guns with additional
>ammo belst where applicable. The boxes rate these as 2" scale (1/6 ?)
>and they make models about 6-8 inches long. Injection molded plastic.
>I'd be willing to trade these for 1/72 scale A/C or sell them outright.
>Say $10 for the lot.
>I thought someone might be interested.
Hi Allen,

Saw your offer and would be real interested in the bargin if they are
not gone yet. Please reply. I could send you a money order in U.S. funds.
Just post me your mailing address.

BTW, I have been monitoring the list since about last Christmas, and find
the group very friendly and verrrry interesting! I have just started into R/C
and plan to go scale WWI when I am able to fly well enough. I find the WWI
era absolutely fascinating.

I haven't got into plastic, but convince me. I'm easy!! 80).

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