Martin MO-1 documentation?

Michael Stoodley (
Mon, 13 Feb 1995 15:44:06 +1200

Hi there everybody, I know this is not quite WW1, but it's only a couple of
years out & I'm not having much luck anywhere else. I wish to build a
flying scale model of the Martin MO-1 but only have a small 3-view and
colour description, neither comprehensive enough to make a start
worthwhile. As far as I know this plane (shoulder wing observation type)
was the first US Navy carrier based aircraft to be constructed out of
steel, (ie without wood), this was about 1922. Does anyone have any, or
know the whereabouts of any, (ie magazines, books, musuems,) decent
documentation? Maybe one still exists somewhere?
This end of the world is not big on aviation libraries (at least
not that I've found) so any help would be greatly appreciated, especially
if I can get stuff like scanned drawings via the internet.
Mike stoodley

mike stoodley