Re: "Windsock Address"

14 Feb 1995 08:45:08 GMT

To Jess S., and others interested,

The address to get "Windsock", and the various Datafiles directly from
England is:

Albatros Productions Ltd.
10 Long View
Berkhamsted, Herts
United Kingdom

1/2 ounce or less, first class airmail; put 55 cents on the letter.
I've found turn around (to reply receipt) to be about 8 or 9 calendar

Another (Domestic) source for all current, and many back issues of
Windsock, and Windsock Datafiles is:

Wise Owl Worldwide Publications
4314 West 238th Street
Torrance, CA 90505-4509

Wise Owl is run by a man named Joe Daileda who gives superb personnal
service. You can also order the Windsock specials through him, as well
as subscriptions to most foreign modeling magazines. Drop him a note
for his lists (free) - it's worth it.

While on the topic of addresses, etc. There is one other that deserves
trying. That's a new mail order hobby shop in the Miami area called
"Sopwith Hobbies" devoted to all things dealing with WW I modeling.
It's new, I've tried them (pretty good selection), and their catalog
is free for the asking. Worth a shot. Their address is:

Sopwith Hobbies
P.O. Box 560442
Miami, FL 33256-0442

Hope all this is of some use to our subscribers!

Steve H.