Mailorder Sources

Allan Wright (
Tue, 14 Feb 1995 11:04:41 -0500 (EST)

Steve Hustad's recent post has prompted me to mail the list my current
list of WWI model mailorder sources. This is a file I keep maintained
for the WWW modeling page. If you have and additions/corrections or
comments feel free to mail me.


WWI mail order sources

Americal/Gryphon Decals
Sending 3 first class stamps (or $1.00) will get you a catalog and order blank.
Presently they offer 100 different sheets, devoted entirely to World War I
aircraft mostly 1/72 but with a growing number of 1/48 offerings. Several
different lozenge sheets are covered as well as a variations on national
markings, particularly German crosses.

They are available from:
Americal/Gryphon Decals
4373 Varsity Lane
Houston Texas 77004

Aviation Usk 509-445-1236
Only call Tues. - Fri. noon-5:00pm Pacific time. They carry expensive resin
Czechmaster kits.

Battle Hobbies 612-459-5946
Free catalog, Lowest prices (especially Eduard kits), They carry most of the
above lines. Only supplier of Acadamy/Minicraft WWI kits I know of. They are
always the first place I call.

Ragwings are usually limited run resin kits.

They are available from:
MGS Enterprises
24 Bishopgate Dr.
Rochester NY 14624

Rosemont Hobbies 610-398-0210
Rosemont is run by an avid WWI buff. They produce many of their own conversion
kits, planes and extra parts. (Ex: rockets, replacement fuselages for different
plane varriants from existing kits, etc.) I have been happy with their custom
parts (Roseparts) and service. Free catalog. They also carry Miekraft, Eduard
Beechnut and Pegasus models.

Sopwith Hobbies
A new mail order hobby shop in the Miami area devoted to all things dealing
with WW I modeling. This shop carries the following reccomendation from
Steve Hustad: "It's new, I've tried them (pretty good selection), and their
catalog is free for the asking. Worth a shot."

Their address is:
Sopwith Hobbies
P.O. Box 560442
Miami, FL 33256-0442

The Squadron 214-242-3775
Monthly specials. Catalog is updated monthly for $4.50/yr subscription. They
occasionaly get small lots of out of print kits for specials. They carry
Revell, Airfix, Eduard, DML and Pegasus. Also large selection of tools,
paints and books.

Windsock datafiles sources

The address to get "Windsock", and the various Datafiles directly
from England is:
Albatros Productions Ltd.
10 Long View
Berkhamsted, Herts
HP4 1BY United Kingdom

Another (Domestic) source for all current, and many back issues of
Windsock products is:
Wise Owl Worldwide Publications
4314 West 238th Street
Torrance, CA 90505-4509