Re: "Windsock Address"

Erik Pilawskii (
Wed, 15 Feb 1995 16:48:49 -0800 (PST)


I was just looking at the issue of FSM that featured your models. On
the Lloyd (a C.II?), I was wondering what techniques you used there to
get the *superb* weathering effects:
There was the stained fabric (i.e. dripping moisture)-- is this a wash,
or some other interesting method?
The smoke stains appeared to be blown acrylic dust. True? I've been
considering using charcoal or colored chalk, applied with a finger and
"smuged" to the proper value. Ever heard of/used this method?
Do you have any special rules or guides for keeping the effects 'in
scale'? I also build 1/72 and find that often an effect that looks good
on my test surface looks garrish on the finished kit....

Any hints you might care to share in this dept. would be muchly
Erik :^)
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