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Guy Fawcett (
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 07:43:49 -0600 (MDT)

>Right. I hadn't though about the hinging issue. That will certainly help. But,
what I was asking about (sorry I wasn't very clear) was how do you implement
the T like brace? I assume they are made from music wire and soldered (?!?) to
the gear legs? Or are they dowel (or music wire) embedded in the fairings?

This is only speculation on my part because I haven't built a Sopwith gear. I
would try 1/16" music wire and solder it to the wire inside the gear leg this
would the involve cutting a slot in the fairing to allow it to slide down over
the cage.

>On a side note. Do you know of any decent 1/5th Fokker D-VII plans? Other than
Uravitchs'. I want something that DOES NOT weight 15 - 18 lbs. like his does. I
have to believe you could build one in the 10 - 12 lbs range and use a .91 4C
or something equivalent.

Argus Specialist Publication Plan # RC 1704

Fokker D VII by Vic Knight

Description From Catalogue

Two sheets of accurate scale drawings for this classic WWI fighter gives full
construction details, both contemporary lozenge patterns and sketchs of
various nose panels used on the full size machine. Just over 1/5 scale, span
69", four channel, recommended engine .80-.90 four stroke engine.

Available from

Bob Holman Plans
P.O. Box 741
San Bernardino, California

Phone: 909 885 3959
Fax : 909 889 9307

Plans price I have listed is $24.00 + $2.90 postage.

You should also order the British plans catalogue lots of neat WWI plans.

BTW have you picked up Albatros's reprint of the D VII datafile?

Tally ho