Re: The Absurd...

Erik Pilawskii (
Thu, 16 Feb 1995 22:28:10 -0800 (PST)

> Erik: Perhaps you are being just a little hard on the French - *most*
> of the "multi-plane" experiments were at least slightly weird, not
> just the French ones.

OK, agreed. But, so far as I know, only the *French* put an observer in
a propeller-backed 'podium' on the front of a normal a/c.... This alone
is World Class.

> My own personal favorite is the Fokker
> V.8 which was (depending on who you read) either a quintuplane,
> or a septuplane, or a "tandem tri-biplane". It was basically a
> lengthened Dr.I with 3 standard Dr.I wings mounted in the extreme
> nose with a second pair of Dr.I wings mounted just aft of the
> cockpit. A truly marvelous looking machine! The Russian
> Bezobrazov triplane was a close second however - it had a wing
> stagger so extreme that the top wing was completely forward
> of the prop while the bottom wing was about half-way between
> the cockpit and the tail.

Oh, geez, they sound marvelous! You have to nominate these guys for the
Honors, here.

As well, it sounds as if you have access to quite a resource, there.
What's the name of this gem (or gems)? Sounds like I have to read it!
Anyways, my intent was all in fun. But, hey, what else is rubbishing
the French for?....
Erik :^)
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