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> OK, agreed. But, so far as I know, only the *French* put an observer in
>a propeller-backed 'podium' on the front of a normal a/c.... This alone
>is World Class.

Agreed, this was "world class". But, assuming you recognize the need for
a forward firing MG and accept the limitations of a "pusher" a/c, is
the SPAD A1 any less stupid than putting armor plate on your prop?
> Oh, geez, they sound marvelous! You have to nominate these guys for the
>Honors, here.
> As well, it sounds as if you have access to quite a resource, there.
>What's the name of this gem (or gems)? Sounds like I have to read it!
> Anyways, my intent was all in fun. But, hey, what else is rubbishing
>the French for?....
> Erik :^)

My principal reference source was "Triplanes" by Bowers and McDowell,
Motorbooks International, Osceola, Wisconsin, 1993, ISBN 0-879038-614-2
which is simply packed with "weird and wonderful" early multiplane
photos and info. If you enjoy really strange aircraft of the pre-WWII
era, this book is *highly* recommended! The 3 a/c I cited are only the
"weirdest of the weird", there are lots of other "semi-strange"
a/c documented in this book. Get it if you can find it.

Check out, for instance, the Johns Multiplane, a 1919 US bomber with
no less than *five* wings (a triplane with 2 wings mounted in front!)
And you thought the SPAD A1 was strange!

Cheers, Bill

(keep drinking *good* beer!)


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