Re: Black Mirias

Guy Fawcett (
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 11:12:31 -0600 (MDT)

Thought I would jump into the night fighter thread. How effective
were the sopwith tripes for night fighting. I've read a bit about the Black
Miriah, but I'm affraid that this is mostly new for me. I've seen a few
pictures of the fighters having mounted twin guns on the top wing. Were
these used only against the Zeps or also against the Gothas?
Got to go, Class ya know =((

Hi Vic

I'm not sure why you refer to Black Maria as a night fighter that name was
given to the personal Sopwith tirplanes (there were two diferent airplanes
flown) of a Canadian Ace Raymond Colishaw. Along with several other Canadians
they formed "B" flight of an RNAS squadron.
All the aircraft in the Flight displayed black painted noses and wheel cover
and sported names beginning with Black (ie Black Prince) I don't have my
reference material here or I could give you a list of names and pilots. Let me
know if you want more info. But the group was not a nightfighter unit.

Doug did you recieve my last msg.

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