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Guy Fawcett (
Mon, 16 Jan 1995 12:28:50 -0600 (MDT)

>Is there a book that describes this method? I am interested and there are
times when this form of communication doesn't allow adequate descriptions to be
done! Some how ASCII drawings just won't do.

There was an article in RCM several years back that describe a technique
similar to mine but more complicated because he used balsa longerons and
because of it he had to reinforce with hardwood each time the wire changed

>Once the fuse is aligned and the holes are filled with CA, do you release the
tensioning device?

No it is left in as part of the aircraft.

>I wondered. If you are using scale type construction in other areas why do you
use, what I call, model type construction for the wing ribs?

I tried building ribs for a sport plane along time ago and did not find any
real advantages and several diadvantages. Bad points, need to build a jig,
time required to make each rib, multiple glue joints to fail.
Built up ribs look impressive in pictures of an uncovered structure but once
covered don't look any different.

>Have you ever done a wire trailing edge?

Not yet but I do have an article in an old R/C Scale modeller that shows how to
do it.

>OK. These areas need additional strength. I wonder if a thinner lite ply rib,
or built up rib, couldn't be used in place of a balsa rib. I realize
it is more work and perhaps this is enough of a motivating factor to
build ribs from balsa and perhaps just cut lightening holes!

See above response on ribs.

>Rigging is an area where I have piddeled and fiddeled

I think we all have tried to find a cheaper and easier way of doing this.

> I do like the DuBro 2-56 rigging couplers.

I used these exclusively on both my Bristol 1/5 scale and Nie 17 1/4 scale. It
is the only way I have found to assemble and disassemble rirgging in a
reasonable amount of time.

>They are a bit big for 1/6 scale but are convenient, and not too expensive.

When you actually figure it out they end up being between 6 and 12" long on the
real airplane, not totally unreasonable. The big problem is that the
appearence is not right.

>Any ideas you might have in this area would be great to hear! Rigging is
something I never see any of the modeling mags talk about. Unless they have a
handful of the expensive hardware to show off!

I only wish the was a rubber cover that went over the Dubro coupler and kwick
clip that made appear to be scale.

Illusions it's all illusions

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