Re: Rib Stiching
Fri, 13 Jan 95 12:06:20 -0500

More Esoterica for the Stitching Thread:

I have been working on a model of a Halberstadt CL II. I
noticed in the many excellent closeup photos in the
Datafile for this plane that the plywood fuselage is
covered with what I presume to be fabric. It appears
that the seams are covered with some kind of tape. In
cross-section it would look something like this:

-- <- seam
--||-- <- tape
=======||====== <- fabric
/////////////// <- plywood

I assume the fabric pieces were sewn together and some kind
of tape was applied over the seam.

What was the "tape" made from? Was it adhesive or was it
sewn to the fabric?

Is this the only German plycovered aircraft that also had a
covering of fabric?

Yours in Arcana,