Re: Kramer Kits and all

HART CHARLES (hartc@spot.Colorado.EDU)
Thu, 12 Jan 1995 15:18:51 -0700 (MST)


Thanks again for your interest.

As an aside, the last coat of dope that covers the paint and
"shifts" the color is really quite thin, has a glossy finish on on e of
my fabric pieces and even shows a little "crazing" here and there. Of
interest is the thicker coat(s) of dope beneath the pigment. They are
definitely an orange shade once they have all accumulated before painting
of a color, or at least they are quite orange now.

Of related interest, several years ago when the US Air force Museum
was restoring the Caproni Ca-33 there was considerable discussion as to
what dope to use for its clear doped finish. I'm not sure what the final
decision was. Part of the concern was replicating the "orange" finish of
this clear doping, which was to suggest that the chemistry of the dope
contained some amount of orange coloration. I'll be interested to know
if anyone can shed light on this matter.

Charles Hart