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> Mick,
> Thanks for your message.

Not at all; thanks for this one.

The fabric I have is most definitely not
> from an aircraft with lozenge fabric. The colors quoted are paint
> applied to doped natural colored linen and are most likely from Albatros
> wings. I agree that the greenish shift in the blue color may be the
> result of yellowing of the varnish that covers the paint. Unfortunately
> after nearly 80 years the two are inseprable and seeing any "true" color
> beneath the varnish is impossible.
That's Ok, because I guess what really concernes us is how the colour
looked *after* the sealer coat of clear dope was applied; exactly what it was
originally only concerns us to the extent that different kinds and
thicknesses of dope would have had different effects on the final look of it
on any particular aircraft. So we still have a fair bit of lee-way [if you'll
pardon a naval term in this context].

> Unfortunately as well, Methuen is all I have for a nearly standard
> reference to colors, it is used widely in various publications. I was
> fortunate enough to get a copy of the Methuen book when it was reprinted
> in 1989. It may come back into print once again, who knows?

Also unfortunately, you're right. Pity that no-one
cross-references it.

Again, thanks for the post.



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