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Thu, 12 Jan 1995 15:34:37 +1100 (EST)


> I really appreciate all the info on the Roland paint scheme.

Did we get all that cleared up? There only seems to be
documentation on one aircraft with a real shark's mouth" the others seem
to have no teeth [I'm struggling with a quip here, but inspiration seems
to have deserted me, for once 80)]

> I am building a Hannover CLIIIa, and was wondering about the
> racks around the gunner's position that hold what appear to be flares or
> small bombs. Were the racks painted the same color as the plane surface
> beneath them?

Possible, but I'd expect them to be painted one of the primer colours,
i.e. grey-green or medium grey, or even dk. olive green: there seem to have
been at least three GP colours in use.
BTW, the rack were for small fragmnetation bombs used on ground-attack

> Also, what would the bombs/flares look like.

.....which were cylinrdical in shape, scored [like a Mills-36] to
fragment, and had a short shaft with [4?] stabilisation fins attached.

Were they bare
> metal, or painted some color?

Could have been either, but my feeling would be bare metal [the
same as a Mills bomb].

Hope this helps,


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