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> I will also throw my bit into the discussion about German WW I
> underside blue colors. I was fortunate enough to have been given several
> years ago pieces of fabric taken from an Albatros fighter, probably an
> Albatros D-III. There are three pieces, mauve, very dark green and
> blue. Methuen numbers for these colors come in as:
> 19F4 mauve, 27F4 dark green, and 24D3 for the blue

Sounds like they may come from the lozenge camo. on the wings/tail-
plane: the undersides of Albatros fuselages were rarely painted.

> The blue is a little on the greenish side and darker than my
> recollection of RLM 65, though I have no Methuen number for the RLM
> color. The fabric is linen with a heavy coating of clear, now orange
> dope beneath the paint with a thin coating of clear dope over the color.
> This last coat may have slightly shifted color in a warm direction. It
> is difficult to tell from my small samples.

On the couple of instances when I've used Estapol [which you guys
can't get over there] clear varnish over Humbrol 65, I've found it yellows
slightly when it dries, making the original colour slightly darker, and
imparts a slight greenish tinge.
Maybe we're looking at the same effect with the clear dope over
the original colour?

> I also have a small swatch from a Fokker Triplane which has a thin
> wash of green dope, methuen 3-4F6. This is again sandwiched between a
> thick base coat of dope with a thinner overcoat. This fabric is also
> linen and the threads can be seen under the relatively thin wash of green
> pigment.

What kind of green? Can you give us some other colour references
with Methuen; some of us don't have acces to the Methuen chatrts.

> I hope the readership of this node finds this of interest.

Of great interest, thank you.



While we're still on the subject: did my colour list come through,

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