more blues

Brian Bushe (
10 Jan 1995 09:19:58 +0000

nothing on this subject posted to me overnite - it's not dead is it?

i got hold of xtracolour wwi german underside blue on the weekend.
very similar to rlm 65 but more green, a very pretty colour in fact.
also compared to humbrol 65, which is more blue than xtracolour rlm
65. i'm not sure that humbrol 65 is actually a match for rlm 65 as it
seems to be a general colour ("Aircraft light blue" is its name), but
it is certainly close and could pass for rlm 78. xtracolour paints
generally seem to be drab so maybe i'm going too much in their

anyway in 48th i usally add 15 to 20 % white to tone down the paint
which is going to kill a lot of differences, especially in a light
blue. but i'll let you know what the results are for this wwi blue.