Lozenge camo colours

Mick Fauchon (ulmjf@dewey.newcastle.edu.au)
Mon, 9 Jan 1995 14:36:26 +1100 (EST)

Hi, gang.

The following is a list of colour equaivalents of the 4 and
5 colour pre-printed fabric. I might stress that these are *my*
interpretations, and if anyone wants to supplement oor dispute any of them,
they should feel quite free.
I also have a list of Methuen and Munsell references, and if
someone would loke to cross-reference them from the following list, I ,for
one, would appreciate it.

Upper 4-colour:

FS 35264 Intermadiate blue Hu 144 Intermediate
FS 34227 Light green Hu 120 Light green
FS 30257 Hu 93 Desert yellow
FS 34058 Sea blue Hu 109 WW1 blue

Lower 4-colour:

FS 35237 Dark blue/grey Hu 145 Medium grey
FS 31433 Hu 119 Light earth
FS 33613 Radome tan Hu 148 Radome tan
FS 34325 Hu 80 Grass green

Upper 5-colour:

As above + FS ? Hu 107 WW1 Purple

Lower 5-colour:

As above + FS ? Hu MC 10 Polish crimson

Complete underside blue:

FS 25526 Hu 65
FS 34504 Hu 23 [for turquoise]

Hope this goes some dissipating the blues----if you'll pardon a
very puny pun.



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