Vic Annas (vganna01@engr.uky.edu)
Thu, 5 Jan 95 12:54:12 -0500

Obekaybe gang, I think I've got a compleate understanding
of the Blues now. I have been useing RLM 65 (AKA H65 for us Humbrol
folks) for my WWI GAF birds. So at least my guess work has been in
the ball park. I've always wondered about this, but there are so
few a/c that have been done well. RLM 65 is an early WWII color. I
had assumed that the Luftwaffe picked up where they left off at the
end of WWI. So thats what I have been working with. Sounds like its
good logic, but then whos to say.
So Mick; you would really quit this subject for a case of "*Becks"?
I'd say your selling out a bit cheap :) I would'nt take anything less
than G"ossen, or better yet ein Bitt. I cawn't get those here. AAR
Thanks for all the input. I still think it would be really cool to have
WWI color chart for the FAQ.
Got to run.