Re: We've got the bluess.....

Mick Fauchon (
Thu, 5 Jan 1995 14:42:03 +1100 (EST)

Hi, gang!

> Sure. But let's clear-up this doohicky forthwith! Mick, I believe, is
> the Humbrol user, and the references to Humbrol colors were his.

Correct! and Correct!

> I don't use Humbrol, and I don't know what they are.

You dont!? But, my dear chap, everybody, *everybody* uses
Humbrol! Or should! 80) 80)

The blue color we
> were discussing is RLM 65 (Humbrol #23??) and RLM 78 (somewhat lighter
> than 65).

Yep, and I hope I've cleared up any confusion with one of the
posts I sent earlier today.

Then I went-off on some cockamamey theory and our thread rapidly
> unravelled! Sorry.

No need to be sorry, it was all most instructive.

> So, those are the actual colors. Or, more acurately, that's what we were
> *guessing* what the actual colors might be. I think more investigations are
> underway....

Indeed they are. I'll be posting some colour equivalents to the
list tomorrow, but I won't be able to investigate the Pfalz until a
couple of weeks' time. Then I'll get back.....unless Alzheimer's strikes
first 80)

I think the thread started a coouple of weeks before Christmas
on lozenge camo; which reminds me, I was going to look for some FS
references to the colours, and post them. Oh, well! Also tomorrow.....
also Alzheimer's.





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