Re: Erik what's with RLM 78??

Erik Pilawskii (
Thu, 5 Jan 1995 18:13:43 -0800 (PST)

Yes, indeed. Right and right.

> Afraid not: RLM 76 is a grey, bluish-grey, even though it's
> officially called Lichtblau.
> The only reference I have ever seen in German, and from the period, of a
> > Color #76 (meaning??) [actually, it was "76th color": 76-ten Farbe] was as a
> > *Grey*-- grauviolet, to be precise. Not by name, though, but rather by
> > description. Uuugghhh.
> Now *that* looks like a typo: "Grauviolett" is actually RLM 75
> [as in the 74/75/76 camo on '109s]
Not at all. RLM 75 is right here [point, point]. I would say that my
appalling German is to blame in this case.

Well, thanks for clearing that up, anyway.

Salutations, All, Erik
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