Re: Erik what's with RLM 78??

Mick Fauchon (
Fri, 6 Jan 1995 13:01:28 +1100 (EST)

Vic and Erik,

> > references for the color. Is this blue slightly greyer than RLM 65, or
> > is it just a bit lighter?

No, it's actually bluer than RLM 65. It was for use in tropical areas,
e.g. North Africa and Italy [?].

If it is lighter then I would tend to think
> > that one could get by with RLM 76 (yes I know a WWII color).

Afraid not: RLM 76 is a grey, bluish-grey, even though it's
officially called Lichtblau.

> > just try'n to find the right shade that's wasting my life =(

Tell me about it! #0(

> Well, I have an extremely old and beat-up manual dating from 1944 that
> includes, among other gems, a list of Luftwaffe colors. In this manual (and
> whether it is authoritative I don't know) the color RLM *76* is not listed.

RLM 76 should be listed as "Lichtblau".

> RLM 78 is given a the 'other' Hellblau. Now, subsequently I've seen references
> to 76 and 78, both as "Hellblau".

RLM 78 is Himmelblau.

> I am, however, forced to wonder if 76 and 78 are not really one and the
> same.

......consequently, they're not the same colour....

In every case where I have seen both listed the two colors have
> appeared to me to be so similar so as to be indistinguishable.

....and are in fact so different that they be distinguished
quite readily.

Of course, 76
> and 78 make for a very inviting "typo" mistake, so who knows...?

Close!.....but no cigar! 80)

This is
> also to answer your question-- 'yes, by all means use 76 to simulate 78'.
No, I wouldn't do it, for the reasons mentioned above.

The only reference I have ever seen in German, and from the period, of a
> Color #76 (meaning??) [actually, it was "76th color": 76-ten Farbe] was as a
> *Grey*-- grauviolet, to be precise. Not by name, though, but rather by
> description. Uuugghhh.

Now *that* looks like a typo: "Grauviolett" is actually RLM 75
[as in the 74/75/76 camo on '109s]

> I don't really know the answer to it all. I would say use either RLM 65
> (H65) or RLM 78/76 (what's the #, Mick?).

The # is: RLM 65 = Hellblau = H65
RLM 76 = Lichtblau
RLM 78 = Himmelblau

Can get back to you with Humbrol and FS eqivalents, if you

> stimulating than a mineral water! An Eku Heffeweissen or Ganter Pilz would
> be greatly appreciated, however.... [mmmmmmm..]

Best I can do is an Astra......Prost!



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