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Thu, 5 Jan 1995 10:07:36 +1100 (EST)


> Hi gang, I think that I was the one who started this thread on
> the underside blue of WWI German a/c.

Was it you, now? "Curse you, Red Baron!"....[Snoopy....I think].

It seems that the question has
> given some of us a case of the blues. Now I would have to say that a
> good case of the blues is much better than a mild case of the Red Faced

For a case of *Beck's", I could be persuaded to get off the
subject completely....80)

> Ok so back to the blues. When your talking about 65 and 23 I'm
> getting confused. Are you refering to RLM 65 and 23 or is this a
> Humbrol color number.

*I'm* referring to Humbrol numbers, unless I specify RLM codes;
in future, I'll say H65 and H23, for example, when referring to Humbrol.
Howzat? BTW, it's purely fortuitous that Humbrol 65 coincides with
RLM 65.

If its RLM 65 and 23 then that is easy.

What's RLM 23? [I don't have my RLM chart with me]

> has re-released the military colors and I can get a match to an RLM color
> that way. However if its a Humbrol color number, then it becomes a
> different deal. Do you see the delema?

What dilemma? 80) OK, I'll try to make it easy for you in future.
Get back with some equivalents in the morning. THe two colours we were
talking about were H65 [RLM 65], and H23 [no RLM equivalent?].
Now, could I be fairer than that? 80)
Get back to you.....



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