We've got the bluess.....

Vic Annas (vganna01@engr.uky.edu)
Wed, 4 Jan 95 10:05:05 -0500

Hi gang, I think that I was the one who started this thread on
the underside blue of WWI German a/c. It seems that the question has
given some of us a case of the blues. Now I would have to say that a
good case of the blues is much better than a mild case of the Red Faced
Rash; which BTW I had to fight off yesterday with a large can of RFA
repelant. That THING was crawling around in my computer yesterday
scoping for a victim. I wounded it, but be carefull, it's still out there.
Ok so back to the blues. When your talking about 65 and 23 I'm
getting confused. Are you refering to RLM 65 and 23 or is this a
Humbrol color number. If its RLM 65 and 23 then that is easy. Floquil
has re-released the military colors and I can get a match to an RLM color
that way. However if its a Humbrol color number, then it becomes a
different deal. Do you see the delema?
Well gang I hope that this case of the blues has not been too bad for
anyone. Got to go.


I'm gonna have some fun, while I'm still young
and the girls dig me!

Jack Palance "Solor Crisis"