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Good grief! You guys must be getting these messages as fast
as I'm writing them!
Weeelll, not quite: I had to interrupt this one for something
very important: breakfast! [Aprikosentorte und Kaffee-----hey! my wife's
a good cook!80)]

> Outstandingly well done! Brilliant and faithful as usual.

THank you. Flattery will get you everywhere!

> Please do let us know, I'm curious of the answer, and wether it will
> expose my theory as complete moddle-cock, or what....

I've always been a little dubious about that turquoise, and as
a general rule I'm perfectly happy with Humbrol 65, and I can't say that
I'm sure turquoise [humbrol 23 equivalent] officially existed: I've
only ever heard it mentioned in connection with in connection with DrIs,
so I'd like to know what the sourcs of references to that particular colour
are; in other words, somebody's somewhere has obviously made a decision
based on concrete knowledge [?80)], to plump for one colour rather than
the other; why? 65 is generally the most commonly used underside colour
for almost every type of aircraft.
That's why I want to know if the colours on the Pfalz are
original: there's only one area of that colour on the DXII, underneath the
wing-root transfer, otherwise it's a light grey. The aircraft was restored
at some stage several years ago, which makes me a bit suspicious, as the
inside is painted a light grey, which does *not* match the light grey of
the outside, rather than the usual varnisched wood of Pfalz [and Albatros
construction]. When I'm down at AWM in a couple of weeks, I'll see if I can
find out how much of the paintwork is original.
Your theory is quite sound, given that different Air Forces used
different variations of the same colour for a variety of reasons.
WW1 is a pain in the **** for matching colours, as
a) there is no documentation of specific pigments to be used
b) there are no standards like the RLM (or RAL) charts
c) there is no extant colour film of actual aircraft finishes
d) restorations of surviving aircraft [barring obvious exceptions]
were often not undertaken in a spirit in which they could have
been 80)

How does that appeal to you? 80)

BTW, Al, I was in touch with Jorge Merino this morning: he's
recieving Ok, but having trouble posting to the list. He's reduced to
posting to individuals at the moment. Anything you can do for him?

BTWBTW, I'm getting two of each message again, but don't let that
worry you; it's no big deal-----I'm not going to post two replies 80(



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