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Tue, 3 Jan 1995 15:16:17 +1100 (EST)

Vic and Erik,

> Went to school at Univ.Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz), under- and grad. Before
> then, I lived in Berlin (Kreuzberg) and Freiburg (im Bresgau; Bad Krozingen).
> Can't say that I did anything productive then.... :^)

Thanks for that: really only idle curiosity on my part, nothing
constructive either.
We're [i.e. my wife and I ] are off to Ostpreu3en for a month in
May, and then back [~home] to Hamburg for about another month. The results
of my earlier productive activities are now old enough to take care of them-
selves while Mum and Dad are away 80)

> 17. RLM 17 is very dark and greyish-- methinks it the color of certain
> Luftwaffe uniforms. The color I have in mind is 65.

Yes,the colour I had in mind was RLM 65, which I think is Humbrol
63 [?], but i'd be prepared to accept Humbrol 23, which is a shade lighter.
As I said, I'll check my photos of the Pfalz, and see what it's like.

> Ha! Shows what you guys know!! :)

I know because I've seen it.....or not seen it, because it's
supposed to be low-visibility 80) Skies down here are more often blue
than grey, so what does that make of our theory? 80)

Well, of course, not everybody used
> blue, as you know. The USAAF, RAF (later on), and the Italians used greys.
> But, hey, if you get any new poop, let me know.

If I come up with anything else interesting, I'll let you have it
[in a manner of speaking].

BTW, any recommendations for the colour of the landing-gear struts
on Fokker EIII? [No, I haven't finished it yet 80(]



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