Re: Unusual Paint Schemes

Mick Fauchon (
Tue, 3 Jan 1995 14:33:09 +1100 (EST)


> Draw out the pattern on paper using a convient width for 1/48 scale, the span
> of one half wing panel would be a good amount. Photo copy the pattern once for
> each colour and glue the sheets to thin card stock. Then using a lot of
> patience and new number 11 blades cut out the holes for one colour on each
> sheet and use them as spray masks being careful to align each new colour.
> To do this it would probably be a good idea to paint the aircraft overall
> light biege before starting and just mist spray the colours on.

I'm about to try the same technique using thin acetate paper
[so I can see what I'm doing 80)]. You could also use light blue overall,
or patches of the lozenge colours as your base.

> BTW the Blue on German A/C was a more turquiose colour if you take Windsock
> representations as being correct.
You're right about Windsock,, but I've been dubious about turquoise.
When I was down at the Australian War Memorial some time ago, I took some
colour photos of their Pfalz DXII: why don't I have a look at them tonight,
see what colour the blue is under the wings, and get back to the list?



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