Re: Re: Roland CII paint scheme

Allan Wright (
Mon, 2 Jan 95 08:10:05 -0800

> P.S. I believe those curtains were just painted onto the window.
Yes, the curtains were painted on the windows on many of the later
Rolands - I think this was a field modification.

> If I recall correctly, that machine was attributed to von Schleich (well,
>attributed anyway...) by Airfix, who presented the kit on the box of their
>1/72 Roland D.II kit. Beats me if they're bonkers, or what...
Their decal sheet for the CII has the whale's mouth - really a big
smile. There were some Rolands with REAL sharks mouths of the
Flying Tigers type. The Aircraft in profile shows one of these. I could
manage a B+W photocopy for whoever originally asked about this.
As far as Airfix being bonkers....wouldn't surprise me.