Re: DH2 anyone???

Erik Pilawskii (
Fri, 23 Dec 1994 11:04:32 -0800 (PST)

Went to school at Univ.Karl-Marx-Stadt (Chemnitz), under- and grad. Before
then, I lived in Berlin (Kreuzberg) and Freiburg (im Bresgau; Bad Krozingen).
Can't say that I did anything productive then.... :^)

> Sounds OK to me. Bear in mind, though, that the RLM had two blues,
> one temperate, one tropical. THe temperate one would probably fit the bill,
> but I'll do some homework on it.

Quite so. Actually, the RLM Feldbuch lists *3* blue shades: 65, 78, and
17. RLM 17 is very dark and greyish-- methinks it the color of certain
Luftwaffe uniforms. The color I have in mind is 65.

> I like your theory, but it just occurred to me that our FA-18s use
> a light grey.

Ha! Shows what you guys know!! :) Well, of course, not everybody used
blue, as you know. The USAAF, RAF (later on), and the Italians used greys.
But, hey, if you get any new poop, let me know.
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